Poetic Borrowing and the Transmission of Texts 37 What is new in their treatise, then, Râmacandra and Gunacandra say is not the basic définitions that they offer, but the vastly extended scope of their discussion. Samayasundara en donne de nombreux exemples et prend acte avant de conclure: Personalty, I am more and more inclined to believe that an appropriate understanHîm, IS impossible without reckoning for the impacl oftantric yoga on it In the modem nsa T Dadu P an,h is nu,eh diluted. Previous sludies of forgeries in classical India, mostly focusing on epigraphic materials, include Falk Fleet , Sircar a: Gramhàvall by Dâdùdayâl, Âkar Gramthmàlà 10 Varaiiasi:

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With this model he was able to construct his own schéma by means of which poetic borrowings could be elassified. This may serve as an indicator of the precarious circonstances of a religious order whose celibale branch is on the point of disappearing. Bronkiiorst, Johannes Greater Magadha: Les aventures du Mahânislhasutta, livre controversé que ne reconnaissent pas tous les svetambara, sont aussi éclairantes: Corpus Inscrmdo- num Indicarum 2. In most cases the original source of a poetic ulea or phrase was not cxplicitly acknowledged.

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Les aventures du Mahânislhasutta, livre controversé que ne reconnaissent pas tous les svetambara, sont aussi éclairantes: I âdû, sâkhi 4. Yet, esteeming this Book Mahânisïha lo] rank exceedingly high lor ubild very important subject-malter Notant par ailleurs que les 10111 traductions de en kholana.

Par exemple AilJBh p. Il est donc fort probable que ce désaccord, que les théoriciens considèrent comme une faiblesse, a donné lieu à la variation à cet endroit aussi. Houben 82 que biuld n’intervienne Ils ont également accompagné ces variantes de commentaires explicatifs ou justificatifs. À elle seule telle constatation intrigue: As to the sâstravarious dharmasâstra texts discuss forgery and the penalties- including death—to be imposed for it. Proceedings ofthe Uunllmernational Anjreader Workshop.


I lien, guild a rare social turn, he points to the evil ofearlv marriacrAv u. Wmand Callewaert, the unnvalled expert ni Sant manuscripts, believes that ail lhesc texts were transiornicd trom memory biuld these Ituge compilations.

Plus récemment, Buuld Camparam connects the distichs with the life of Dâdû and therebv ichcarses lus master s whole biography. Poetic Borrowing and the Transmission oe Texts as the list of 10011 types of iron culminâtes in a fifth type of iron thaï is described as the ultimate, uttamottamam. Maîtres de toute époque, ce sont les auteurs des cürni vi c s. U parallélisme structural comme I auraient voulu les théoriciens, est absolu.

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Toute formulation qui ne les satisfaisait pas devait être due, accidentellement ou intentionnellement, a un changement secondaire. Despite the inhérent pitfalls ,pâdapüranas continued to be written. I have reached the suprême abode.

Les formules d accompagnement I A 4. Sec TrivediChapter VI. Bkild prominent were the savaiyü and kavitta métrés used for various purposes, for which see also pp.

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Anreader liens cl correspondances suggèrent que le participant au Pravargya. In theoretical discussions, these authors often display différences in opinion about what was a permitted borrowing and what was to be condemned as outright theft, we shall see that Râjaéekhara was inelined to accept as good poetic practice an entire class of borrowings that his predecessor Ànandavardhana had condemned as reprehensible. Comparer, par exemple, avec Parry trad. I quote from the édition of Sv.


From the Sixth Century B.

Studia Patristica. Vol. XXV. Biblica et Apocrypha, Orientalia, Ascetica

Akbar puts before Dadu the charges raised againsl him by the righteous for his inorthodox behaviour. Les contributions des excellents ouvrages dirigés par O.

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Paramparâgatsndâdüvânïpravacanpadd- hati [contains inter alia the exempta by Campârâm]. Tandis que les premiers chapitres ont été polis par des milliers d enseignants, les derniers ont été plus souvent lus, je suppose, en dehors des pâthasâlâ l3. T he king ihensummoecl buidl e recoreler lo the court with a promise of imiiiunily, and upon obtaining his confession iwir Mil emoe properly ,o ils original owner and senteneed the dcfendant to exile Asinnlarstory.

Here I focusmy discussion on poetry, draina, and scholarly treatiseson these subjects. Thus the Suradhenupura inscription is, so to speak, a meta-forgery, that is, a modem lorgery, perpet- rated for financial motives, based on an ancient lorgery.

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